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Lisbon 02 by JACAC

This is such a dreamy image. The contrast between the solid stone beneath the two main subjects and the bliss of the atmosphere makes m...

Lisbon 16 by JACAC

There's something incredibly moving about this image. It's lighthearted and heavy at the same time -- the tourists are notably exhauste...

I love critiquing....

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So Long As There's Distance by Mivala
So Long As There's Distance
"So Long As There's Distance"
Left-hand, charcoal and pastels on 18"x24" medium-weight paper.  

I think I'm caught up in another massive, somewhat derailed train of thought ....... not too many words this time around, I think I got a lot of things out of my system last time around.  Though, therapy is going horrible (BECAUSE IT'S NOT HAPPENING!! urghh) and my right arm is still uncooperative, my mental state is far less tragic than it was when I was working on the pastel Badu piece.  I'm figuring things out a little more with my left hand -- to the point where I don't have to think quite as hard to use it (there's less mental kicking and screaming, to say the least!).

I'm a little bit euphoric as of late.....  On so many occasions I've felt myself melting away into timeless stupors. Could at least partly be contributed to a lack of control ... or a lack of interest in having any ........

Why more Bob Marley imagery?
"Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)" is a song that's been meditative for me in several instances.  Specifically, when I was completely without any artistic outlet, it kind of put my mind in another place.
"Forget your sorrows and dance
Forget your troubles and dance
Forget your sickness and dance
Forget your weakness and dance

Human beings! This life! Etc. Etc. Etc.  I can't describe my frustration, but just the same, my appreciation is still (in the greatest way) beyond words.
Do you read my artwork descriptions?
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A Poet's Voice by Mivala
A Poet's Voice

"A Poet's Voice"
Pastels on 18"x24" medium weight paper.
Based on a portrait of Erykah Badu

As you can imagine, there is a lot of content in my description for this piece because I've been on such a long hiatus.  Feel free to skim or pick and choose what calls out to you .. personally, I just really needed to share some broad ideas before I went any further with these left-handed pastel pieces! I've so ssSSOSOossososososOSOSOSososooooo missed making things! 

The process: It’s been about 5 months since I could paint without pain.  It’s been over 8 months since I’ve been able to work on my large-scale portrait series.  All my requests were put on hold.  I’ve had to say “no” to more opportunities than I ever I imagined.  

I’ve been relating my recent mental state to a factory assembly line — as the conveyor belt carries pieces of my thoughts through aisles of workers, ideas are typically processed at a very consistent rate.  The main line that usually results in me making art …. however, that aisle has a sick worker who is trying to keep pace and isn’t doing that well.  The thoughts are coming at the same rate, but not being processed nearly as fast; in fact, they’re piling up and spilling off the sides, and only a few moments of clarity are ever reached.  

Basically, not being able to paint has made it really difficult for me to keep focus.  I still feel so inspired, but its to the degree that I’m being overstimulated, to say the least.  This overstimulation is both good and bad — it’s great when I can find an outlet for it, but not so great when it leads to tantalizing joy withdrawals….  The worst part has been the pain that accompanies happiness.  It’s pain that is a direct result of love and inspiration.  For instance, a few days ago I went outside to pay a visit to this magnificent daylight I saw outside.  I went for a walk and felt so much peace and felt so grateful …. I started imagining how I would paint this feeling — how I could share it with others (as I often want to).  I started looking at the landscape and the clouds and suddenly was overwhelmed by this urge to share and to paint, to create…. and then overstimulation.  

At about this time, my cortisone shot had worn off early and my weightless happiness was being nagged by a very concrete pain in my arm.  My spirit told me I’d be able to create, no matter what — my mind was (and still is) ready to accept the fact that I may not be able to paint again — yet, my heart became irate with the passivity of both conclusions.  In exiting the presence of the sun, I let a few tears escape and … released a few more throughout the next three hours at my desk job.  

That was the most difficult moment.  When I went home that day, I pulled out a set of pastels that someone gave me a few weeks ago.  I lit some Indian temple incense.  I grabbed the biggest sketchbook I had and set it on my bed.  I took some pain meds and wrapped my right arm in ice for a bit (to combat the oncoming phantom pain that happens when I use my left hand, oddly enough)… I’d been up since 4AM and, all day, was trying to see how close I could get to overdosing on coffee (maybe that was the day after …?). I started this piece… 

I didn’t have any idea what the process would be like.  I didn’t really care.  I had colorful chalk all over my bed, smeared up and down across my arms and face and clothes; the combination of dust and incense in the room irritated my eyes and nose.  I had music pouring through my headphones; the opening from Jesus Christ Superstar, songs by Frank Ocean, J. Cole, Lauryn Hill, the usual...   …  

It didn’t take long… I think that, within the first hour or so, I felt addicted again.  The process was almost dreamlike — as though nothing had changed, but there was something somewhat unnatural about it.  I was doing everything with my left hand, which has a somewhat different style … in order to contain the messiness of the pastel strokes, I added dark lines around the edges of the image.  

For once, I’m not sure why I chose the subject I did. Erykah Badu. I grabbed the first picture I saw on my desktop and went with it, I guess, which is not my usual method….. I really just wanted to see if I could still create something aesthetically beautiful.  I wanted to do something with a visual impact.
Towards the end of the night, I got something of a miraculous phone call.  I was in tears, I was excited, I was overwhelmed, overstimulated…..  I’m still processing.

Finding a voice — a means of expression: therein has been my dilemma.  However, I had a few epiphanies recently that made me think of this a little differently.  I’ve interacted with people whose circumstances made me realize something very poignant but hopeful, and I as a gradually get back into creating artwork with my new medium and my challenging physical state, I really hope to go more in depth into how much they transformed my perspective.  

One person I reflect on is someone who physically lost some of her ability to speak, but whose willingness to communicate regardless was completely inspiring to me.  Another is a girl I became friends with who has a boisterous personality beyond compare, but whose barrier in expressing that joy lies in being able to translate it to English.  The third person gained a very great voice, but I think is very much in the process of cultivating it and finding ways to make it effectively echo in the right directions.  Kids … I’ve been around a lot of kids lately, their means of communication has also inspired me.  

In reading some of my old poetry, I’ve written frequently about losing my voice — or rather, trying to find it, wondering if I ever had one, etc.  I’ve felt especially robbed of my clarity of speech this past few months; I used to be so introverted until just a couple years ago, when I found ways to communicate and focus my ideas through color. The one, consistent means of communication I had in my life was art … as a result, I dedicated 20+ hours every week towards creating things so I could maintain my voice.  

Since that stopped, I’ve had to find different ways to rediscover this voice. 

….I’ve found it most effectively in joy.  

“Substantial things deaden a man without suffering; love awakens him with enlivening pains.” - Kahlil Gibran - “A Poet’s Voice"

Pride and control:  Under the circumstances, I did the best I could do on this piece ... I feel like I could go a whole lifetime stubbornly unaware of the my own pride ... or just overcome it now and be less afraid of trying something new.  It may not be a painting, nor is this a style I'm comfortable with.  It's a slower process with a lot less control and a lot more mess.  Losing my language, my voice, my colors … everything comfortable that I built up … it’s been the worst. But if I have to relearn everything, then now is as good a time as ever. In the meantime….
Thank goodness for creative pluralism. 
There’s creativity in all processes - in finding what you believe, in taking grandiose steps to circumnavigate, in adaptation through direct intervention (shoutout to the Goody Night artists I got to work with who taught me this!)… Creativity in healing and starting over, learning new mediums (I’m still ecstatic I got the chance to help with film projects this month!). There’s creativity in being kind, in describing happiness, helping others and finding ways to pay it forward.  

[Sidenote: Goody Night is one of the most incredible, ongoing stories in my life.  I could record my experience here and probably triple the length of what’s been written, but I think that’s something for another time.  I will say that it was my reckless, rogue excitement for the show that actually caused the issues with my hand.  In the same breath, all the healing I’ve underwent can be traced right back to Goody Night and its mission as a catalyst…] 

Epiphanies in both aloneness and in social immersion:  I’ve been fascinated by the revelations people have in solitude … I’ve talked with a few people recently who reached similar conclusions to me with regard to the world (and unconditional love!)… but have done so by means of complete isolation and solitude.  I’ve substituted all my ex-painting (isolated) time with extreme social immersion and am finding that there’s not a whole lot of difference between the end effects of each circumstance…. 
Another epiphany I’ve had is that I’m still invisible — I’m still very invisible to the community that I grew up in.  I had an interesting discussion about people gradually melding into the background/scenery over time as long as they choose to stay there; as with anything, how do you decide if that is a good or a bad thing?

[“And ere my soul spoke to me, I imagined the past as an epoch that never returned, and the Future as one that could never be reached.  Now I realize that the present moment contains all the time and within it is all that can be hoped for, done and realized.
My soul preached to me exhorting me not to limit space by saying, ‘Here, there, and yonder.'  Ere my soul preached to me, I felt that wherever I walked was far from any other space.  Now I realize that wherever I am contains all places; and the distance I walk embraces all distances.” - Kahlil Gibran - “My Soul Preached to Me”]

We all laugh, cry, emote in the same language… it’s human…. we can express emotion through music and art, and have the capacity & potential to feel and connect on such a profound level through these mediums: Wow, has this idea come full circle…. it’s beyond words.

Process/art of making mistakes: That’s what it’s all about.  “Tears have cleansed my eyes, and / Errors have taught me the language / Of the hearts."

Unconditional love: Probably the last idea I'll leave you with is this evolving notion of unconditional love.  I think a lot of people are latching onto this idea right now; it seems so foreign, in a sense, because it’s the exact opposite of what our society is built upon. Furthermore, it's something that people don’t really come to experience or understand until it’s made obvious to them.  

I think about the struggle to say “I love you” — so many people need to hear it, but it so rarely gets to be said (despite how universal it is).  We’re conditioned by fear — we’re conditioned to worry that our notion of love will contaminate those we share it with.  It’s the same systemic suppression we see manifested in all kinds of art exhibitions.  We’re told to keep our hands away from artwork — don’t touch the paintings, don’t touch the sculptures, observe only with your eyes.  This is done in a neurotic effort to preserve, which ultimately ends up implying that inanimate, artistic work is to be held in high esteem, even against human life.  It’s suggested that if we make attempts to connect, to engage with ….  to feel and to experience that which is born already of loving hands, we are only contaminating it.  

In essence.......
I couldn't be away from art any longer.  I can't stop making things.  I am so inspired.  I am so grateful for my friends -- so grateful for the conversations that you've had with me.  So grateful for healing thoughts and prayers, actions, distractions, gifts, memories ... kind words, support, and love. My appreciation is beyond words!



Colored Pastel Drawing
So Long As There's Distance by Mivala
A Poet's Voice by Mivala
Digital copy only -- additional costs for shipping if you desire an original copy (send me a note).
Black & White Portrait Drawing
Sweet Mackie by Mivala
Weaver by Mivala
Contemplative by Mivala
I can draw just about anything with a face. Portraits are done in pencil/graphite and are usually completed within a week of point payment. Remember to be specific about what you want so we're on the same page!:) Reference photos required!
And finally, you will be receiving a digital copy, not the original (unless specified -- then other charges may apply). Note me with anymore questions!


Mivala's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
(Last Updated: February 2nd, 2013)

I suffer the joys of being trapped in a constant state of wonder. I'm always trying new mediums and evolving my philosophy on life; create, learn, repeat. I love that which I don't understand -- be it language and music, thoughts, ideas, math & science, etc.... foreign cultures fascinate me. As do sharks (for whatever reason).

I adore the DA community and the conversations that I get to have around here. I'm overly-zealous and hideously sentimental, etc. etc.

My art is what it wants to be. I consider myself a surrealist/psychedelic artist at heart, but I dabble in a little of everything. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about my creative services or life itself~!

Journal History

Painting-of-Adam-Sippola-by-Moira-Villiard by Mivala
Portrait of Adam Sippola for his album "Rising Point" - acrylics on canvas.
Photo by Rajiv Vaidyanathan.

Life has dealt a major plot twist and taken my hands from me for awhile.  I've had a combination of carpal tunnel syndrome and De Quervain's tendonitis for the past two months and am finally going through occupational therapy to get things sorted out.  The success I've had as an artist this past few months has been unbelievable, but I now better understand my physical limitations when it comes to painting ... I'm so excited to get better in the next few months so I can share everything I've learned and experienced with my audiences and friends!  In order to get better, however, I need to take this hiatus seriously, so I've decided not to paint or write (by hand or typing) and to put all of my commissions and projects on hold.  I've been trying to gauge a timeframe for when my hands will fully work again, but I honestly have no idea so I'm not worrying about that anymore. 

Occasionally I feel anxious about this, it feels like a really difficult breakup, haha I've had maybe one or two emotional breakdowns ...they haven't lasted all that long, though, courtesy of all the inspiration and support I've been caught up in!  Basically, I look at it this way, my spirit is well ..... my body will catch up, in some way .... eventually! Maybe not exactly soon, but art has always been a way of living for me, not necessarily an activity in and of itself -- consequently, there are many ways to live art ... it's not just painting, it's interacting with people! So this is an opportunity for me to improve my body and interact with people and.. yeah, I'm excited for the future. :) 
Edit: Someone in the audience wrote this lovely piece pertaining to her experience at the show -- CLICK. I was ecstatic!

Meanwhile, this is more of what I've been doing with Adam this past month.....
Here's a music video I was recently a part of: 

And finally, my last live painting concert event for awhile..... I painted for just under 2 hours in front of the audience with mostly my left hand since the right has very minimal feeling (outside of pain)! :P The evening was a HUGE success!!

Livepaint by Mivala

Hope all is well!
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Absolutely wonderful, inspiring! :hug:
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M -
Thanks so much for the :+devwatch:.  I'm very flattered, because aside from being incredibly talented artists I've encountered on dA, I think that you're one of the more cerebral, and intellectually curious people I've happened across as well. . .  I look forward to delving more deeply into your existing Gallery, and seeing new work from you.
Take care of that wrist and elbow. :)
WilliamDallwitz Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Now, I have to find a way to keep myself on dA at least once a week! :lol: It was another one of my bleak periods, you understand, and I had trouble doing even the most basic things, let alone *gasp* go outside/online and actually talk! With real human beings!

In any case, little does that all matter now! I'm here for a different reason: to

Wish you a most merry Christmas, Moira!! :D:D:D:hug: May all happiness, health and creativity follow you and those around you in the coming year! :)
Mivala Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
HAahahaha it is a challenge!  Oh my goodness.... there's so much love to be found in reality ... I've been caught in the most positively inspiring whirlwind of activity, haha On occasion I think back to our online conversations and think how much you would absolutely love some of the talks I've had with people this past few months... we contemplate the patterns of the universe.... oh you would so love one of my newest friends .... she's from Mexico, we have the most parallel of experiences and thoughts, we have been able to construct a language of our own that's extremely telepathic, haha We coined a term, "thread people", which gets a big reaction from everyone we talk to about it ... I would consider you as a thread person, even if we've never met .... they're people we're meant to connect with, despite distance or language differences (actually, nearly all of my thread people are not American).... our bet is that this connection is boundless, time scarcely (if at all) hinders it.  ..... ...
And so, with this concept, I've been so sos os sosososos sos o sos so freeeee and inspired.  And I've been talking with so many people.  I have a close friend, he's a thread person from Nigeria, who has very much been a catalyst for my meeting of these people, and we've been learning so much together!!  I can't even begin to describe how wonderful this experience has been.  

......oiiiiiii shhhhhh Moira, haha ............................... I've literally spent hours without break talking about this with people!!!!!!  15 hours straight on Tuesday, actually, from noon to 3AM in 5 different settings with strangers and people I love (so many hugs!!).... lol so surreal

THANK YOU! :heart:
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
THANKYOUTHANKYOUMERRYCHRISTMAS And may this new year be incredible for you!!!!!!!!!! You have taught me to so much and I'm so grateful for all the opportunities you've taken to share your creativity and ideas with me, it has been the greatest honor !!!  

WilliamDallwitz Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Student General Artist
Oooh, a Mexican! :) My head's already spinning in these imaginary Aztec catacombs, mudridden ancient temples, as human ventures amidst the great indigenous flora. Stupid wording, actually, I don't like it. But, in any case, merely a word about Mexico or Peru and I'm already drinking Xocolatl looking over the Pacific... even though I've never been there. 

And this commentary on thread people, it sounds so familiar... reminds me of something like Duchamp or Bilal, every one of his comics is a series of visible and invisible threads. I really like this notion of threadknit individuals, it makes me feel right at home, you know? I already feel it. Some argue all the time whether it is manmade fiction or divine intuition that gives birth to such threads, but I simply like to sit back and enjoy them; not unlike I would a cup of good tea or coffee, not too much unlike it.

Speaking of Bilal... after watching a video of him working, I got this urge to try out all sorts of ideas without worrying about them... :lol:. I've started a paintover of Kokoschka, tell me what you think: I want it to be sort of a continuation of my digital "poster" techniques, plus a whole lot of encapsulated details... I don't really know exactly what I'm doing yet :D but can see a lot of light blue on his face and an olive tint on his jacket.


I can only mirror such words! :):):) I have also learnt a great deal from you, and I consider our contact to be very beneficial, it opens my eyes to so many new things. And isn't it great to find out lots of different stimuli, different styles, tastes, appearances and kinds of content? Certainly, the world would be quite lacking for me weren't it for our conversations. So, one thing to say: God bless you! :):):hug:
Mivala Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Indeeeeed! :) What's fascinating is she and I both live our lives in ethnically ambiguous bodies, haha Her skin is light as somewhat rosy in complexion and about as light as mine and her hair is also burgundy (but, of course, she dyed it so).... we met through the Latino organization on campus and it's funny because, since I joined as a fresh face at this school, somehow people have found it much easier to believe that I am of Hispanic/Latina/Spanish descent.  And so she often hears, "You don't look Mexican!" and I often hear, "You don't look Native!", when that's very much what we are, haha 
On that note, I've also recently come to the realization that I'm not conventionally "beautiful" when people think of me as white! haha I am not a pretty white girl, this majority Scandinavian folks around here have never called me pretty, but I can be a pretty native or Latina (even tho, I'm not Latina!)~ it's fascinating!! I had this epiphany not too long ago, when I was thinking about what kind of treatment being female has gotten me over the years .... I find myself the only female in a lot of situations, rooms full of guys (that was my Tuesday, actually, haha), usually darker skinned guys (before it was athletes from the South, now it's members of this African church community) .... never fails that one will make reference to my skin being white and those who know me better in the room will be shocked and exclaim, "she's not white!"  And then I'll laugh, because what does that even matter? haha  

Or I brought a close friend of mine to a Black Lives Matter protest because all our plans weren't working and I knew the gal running it, lol  We had a conversation earlier, before we'd even known about the protest, and he said, "I'm not really even black! Black isn't even a color that exists. And you're not white~!" And then he told me all the research he'd been doing lately, about how race and "blood" is fictitious, .....everything he said was what I'd spent the semester studying in my Race class! :P But just that statement people make, "you're not white!"..... interesting how that conclusion is reached. 
 uhhhhm, with regard to thread people!~...
YOU FEEL IT! :) Precisely.  "Some argue all the time whether it is manmade fiction or divine intuition that gives birth to such threads, but I simply like to sit back and enjoy them; not unlike I would a cup of good tea or coffee, not too much unlike it." YESYESYESYEYSYSYSYSYSSYYSYSYYSSYSYSYYSYSYSYSYYYYES!!!!
(And that art + process = :heart:)

And gooooooodness, God bless you too Mr. Dallllwitzzzzzzzz!!

"And isn't it great to find out lots of different stimuli, different styles, tastes, appearances and kinds of content?"
I wrote of this recentlyyyy!!!
JoyAA Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your work is awesome, as well as your ability to articulate its philosophical context.  I appreciate your sharing that process!  Beautiful gallery, I'm glad I came upon your page. Cheers! :)


P.S. your webcam is hilarious
Mivala Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much, too kind! :) :) :blushes:

PrimalExpression Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the favourite!! :)
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