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Lisbon 02 by JACAC

This is such a dreamy image. The contrast between the solid stone beneath the two main subjects and the bliss of the atmosphere makes m...

Lisbon 16 by JACAC

There's something incredibly moving about this image. It's lighthearted and heavy at the same time -- the tourists are notably exhauste...

I love critiquing....

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Big Poppa by Mivala
Big Poppa
"Big Poppa"
Acrylics on 12"x12" canvas
Portrait of Notorious B.I.G.

Ahhhhhh ... 
So, in the first place, I was planning on doing a painting a day for this series. However, that hasn't been the case due to some kind of injury I sustained painting the first four last weekend, haha  I still can't hold a paintbrush for more than a few minutes and without a fashionable combination of gloves and a hand brace, but some of the initial numbness has gone down significantly.

Typically, painting is something I turn to to cope with physical stress because it is so relaxing for me -- this fact alone made the process of making this piece and pausing my series ....ridiculously tantalizing.  On top of that, I've been incredibly inspired lately.

To remedy this issue, I spent a few days at school practicing drawing with my left hand.  What takes 10 minutes with my right took four times as long with my left ... but I think it ultimately helped because I did 90% of this piece painting with my left hand! (Why is that something to be excited about? ------ because I'm right-handed, haha) It was like learning a new language, honestly.  
It's hard to describe, but using my left hand changed how I related to the piece and how I was able to use the colors.  I had less control over how the colors interacted and blended; it was even more interesting for me because I've never used ultramarine on a portrait before.  

I get a kick out of this being my first (unintentional) rainbow palette as well. ;) There were several rainbow and candy references this past week that were totally unrelated to one another, but that (not surprisingly) constituted something kind of significant to me.  It's one of those recurring conversational manifestations that I mention in a lot of my pieces....

Why Notorious B.I.G.?  I'm a fan, but I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of his music; I just keep meeting cool people wearing his face on their clothes, haha I feel like somebody will be happy to have him on their wall, and since this series is going to be sold immediately in auction at Goody Night (November 29 .....ahem ... bids starting at $35, continuing into the online realm on Sunday), it just seemed a fitting time to paint him.  I think Biggie's image is one that is popular and caricature-ized quite often in street/urban art, not necessarily where I am from. This series is partly about making art more accessible, as well as exploring the notion of "default" imagery that becomes attributed with a dominant culture .......
I haven't finished the series yet, but hopefully that will make more sense when I do! ;) 

Remember, Goody Night, November 29th, the Underground!!
Soooo I got so excited this weekend working on my latest series (which is now going to be on auction to benefit a special cause!!).....I developed some pretty significant carpal tunnel syndrome on Saturday.  Definitely not something to joke about once you have it! I worked and worked until my hands went numb and stayed that way ....I've regained a little bit of feeling in my fingers since then, but not enough to hold a paintbrush steadily or with comfort.  I have a live painting demonstration this weekend and still have 11 more pieces in my series to finish in time for auction ......   hoping to be better REAL soon.
Tell Your Story by Mivala
Tell Your Story
"Tell Your Story"
Acrylics on 12"x12" canvas.
Portrait of Stevie Wonder!

Another 3-hour portrait, I'll release the name of this series once it's on display next week. :) Honestly, I just had a lot of fun with this one, I love it!! Tell your story ........ no explanation necessary~!
Title based on this song:

Though my absolute favorite song of all time is "Master Blaster": 
I will have this piece as well as several others available at my next live-painting experience, which will be during the upcoming Goody Night on November 29th! :)
Could This Be Earth by Mivala
Could This Be Earth
"Could This Be Earth"
Acrylics on 12"x12" canvas.
Portrait of Frank Ocean.

I love love love love LOVE Frank Ocean ... I love listening and painting to his music. It just kind of made sense that I should do his portrait in this series .... there weren't really any major epiphanies that came to me with this one, haha It merely gave me the chance to reflect on more wonderful people I've had the chance to meet!

I chose the title in a way that was similar to "Rebelle" -- when I think of Frank Ocean, I think of his voice opening in the song "White" (lyrics of which are written on the back of the canvas):


Again, I will have this piece as well as several others available at my next live-painting experience, which will be during the upcoming Goody Night on November 29th! :D
Mathematics by Mivala
Acrylics on 12"x12" canvas.
Portrait of Mos Def.  

Sometimes it's the scariest thing in the world to think of things outside of the context that we normally perceive them.  Just today I had something of an epiphany about this and how it pertains to the art world.... rather, how art can serve different purposes and that's part of what creativity is.  Much like art, people come in similar varieties .... 

Regardless, I've been so wrapped up in the technicality of some of my work that I forget: it was the childlike informality of some of my earlier work that led me to discoveries in how to be better.  It was occasional carelessness that fostered a more interesting story ....

I've approached art from both a technical standpoint and a creative propensity, however, I've yet to try what a lot of artists do ... and that's pursue a series that's significance was somewhat rooted in quantity and time.  How much can I say in an instant (or 3 hours) that will last a lifetime?  These concepts of the instantaneous and long-lasting coming together is fascinating.

In esssssssence, this series is a lot of fun to paint, but it gives me some degree of anxiety to overcome.  I'm not painting exactly what is before me.  I am deviating slightly.  I am making mistakes, but I am doing my best.  I have to be okay with it, for the sake of knowing that the series itself is what matters, and not necessarily the individuals within (though they help!)~ That's sounds suuuuper utilitarian to say, but it's intriguing, all the same!

Why Mos Def? because because because ;P  
Somebody did a really good recitation of "Mathematics" at a show not too long ago, around the time I was considering painting a large-scale Mos Def but being concerned because it wouldn't work for my large-scale series.  He did an awesome job~!


I will have this piece as well as several others available at my next live-painting experience, which will be during the upcoming Goody Night on November 29th! Hope to see you there. :) 


Gouache Pet portraits
Frasier by Mivala
A Buddha at Rest by Mivala
Blushing by Mivala
You will receive a digital copy to print as you please, but images must not be used for commercial purposes or manipulated.  Please contact me further if you are interested in purchasing the original and we can work something out that is to that effect.
Reference photo required!
Portrait drawings~
Sweet Mackie by Mivala
Weaver by Mivala
Contemplative by Mivala
I can draw just about anything with a face. Portraits are done in pencil/graphite and are usually completed within a week of point payment. Remember to be specific about what you want so we're on the same page!:) Reference photos required!
And finally, you will be receiving a digital copy, not the original (unless specified -- then other charges may apply). Note me with anymore questions!


Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
(Last Updated: February 2nd, 2013)

I suffer the joys of being trapped in a constant state of wonder. I'm always trying new mediums and evolving my philosophy on life; create, learn, repeat. I love that which I don't understand -- be it language and music, thoughts, ideas, math & science, etc.... foreign cultures fascinate me. As do sharks (for whatever reason).

I adore the DA community and the conversations that I get to have around here. I'm overly-zealous and hideously sentimental, etc. etc.

My art is what it wants to be. I consider myself a surrealist/psychedelic artist at heart, but I dabble in a little of everything. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about my creative services or life itself~!

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10526108 10201544142844790 3283428688018561279 N by Mivala
So I was literally in the spotlight of a live show yesterday, haha

I have art for you, yes, soon.  Busy busy busy, finagling my way around University life...... I had an incredible experience last night, though.... I did a live painting demonstration atop a balcony at variety show/concert.  I met so many people,... had so many epiphanies and I'm just too giddy to know what to do with myself right now, haha 

Ultimately, at intermission, I had the audience invited to take the elevator up to my position and add to my painting -- TO MY UTTER DELIGHT, a huge crowd came up in a line to introduce themselves, take pictures and to play around in my paints.  It was such a beautiful thing.

And still I am a body of mixed emotions because of all the things transpiring in this past couple weeks, but this event will certainly stick with me for the rest of my life.

I'll post a picture of the painting and photos from the event (and maybe my video interviews and the promotional clips?!) as soon as I can get around to it.  This week I have some requests to finish .... with more pouring in!! Yes yes yes I am a mess of emotions and sentimentality this week, haha 

I hope all is well! :heart:
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